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Just below the stars: unique iDOGI® chandeliers become the heros of feature movies

Murano glass needs no introduction, it has become one of the symbols of Italy, namely the Veneto region. Where key Italian factories are located, guardians of the ancient Venetian glass making traditions. And iDOGI® is one of them. Despite the global pandemic and closed borders, the company operates at full scale. In order to keep our clients informed, the director of the ALTER EGO Milan office, Anna Chincoli, visited the production premises and met with Silvia Formentin from the Sales and Special Projects Development, discussed with her the existing interior design trends and learned all about hits and novelties. The following report was prepared further to the factory visit.

IDOGI® is based in the industrial area of mainland Venice. Masterpieces of unique beauty and complexity - fancy Murano glass chandeliers, lamps and crystal art objects - are created there. The spacious 6.500 sq. m. premises accommodate a production department designed for the large-scale items manufacturing as well as a showroom “Glass Gallery” and the headquarters.

The most extraordinary creations by iDOGI® can be seen in feature films with world-famous stars. A special Murano glass chandelier was made for the movie "Allied". The working process wasn’t easy, negotiations of design details were procrastinated, and the precious time required for the production was running out. So the company designers asked to confide in them, to give them a chance to finalize the design and manufacture the chandelier according to their own idea. The result exceeded all expectations! The movie director, Robert Zemeckis, was so impressed by the beauty of the chandelier that he changed some of the scenes to show it in all its splendor. This was a kind of recognition of craftsmen’s talent and a sign of gratitude to the company for their work.

By the way, after premiere in 2016, this chandelier held pride of place in the factory's showroom. And it even may be purchased, to be able to admire it like Brad Pitt, who played the main character in the film, did.

Another noticeable screen appearance was in the 2013 film “La migliore offerta” (“The Best Offer”) by Italian Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore. The film invites to reflect on the role of art and fiction in our life. The artistic chandeliers specially designed by iDOGI® for this picture have adorned the interiors of old palazzo, where the key scenes were shooted.

The Best Offer 2013.jpg

The company’s specialty are unique tailor-made pieces, so high responsibility for the result lies with architects and designers who design lighting objects for their interiors and work in close contact with iDOGI® specialists. In this way real masterpieces are created, perfectly integrated in the concept of residential and public spaces.

Anna Chincoli ALTER EGO Project Group and Silvia Formentin iDOGI.jpg
ALTER EGO has implemented a lot of projects with iDOGI® items. This is how Silvia Formentin comments on our collaboration: “Whichever style the designers of ALTER EGO work in, they never cease to surprise us with the most interesting stylistic solutions, that fit our products in perfectly. We are delighted to embody every new idea for AEPG, because the art of combining beautiful things is in their blood! "

To be continued…

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СТРАНЫ БАЛТИИ / Частное имение / 2 300 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЛАТИНСКОЙ АМЕРИКИ / Частное имение / 42 400 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЕВРОСОЮЗА / Частное имение / 102 500 кв.м

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