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What Italy stands for, or how a small country has become the world’s leading supplier of natural stones?

We continue our exciting tour of the best Italian factories involved in the design industry. Today we would like to talk about our long-term partner who has a reputation as a leading expert in the field of quarrying and processing of natural stone. The Antolini factory has gathered under its roof excellent specialists in the production of stone slabs and designer products. 

Antolini's Irish Green blocks.jpg

Antolini needs no introduction in the professional community. The company was established by Luigi Antolini in Verona in 1950 in order to find stones of rare beauty, process them and produce original finishing materials and interior items.

Over the years, the Antolini factory has become the largest supplier of stone in Italy: no one else has such an extensive and varied collection of stone blocks and slabs. It has Italian marble of different shades and fancy designs, and the most diverse types of stone from Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa, including the rarest colors of granites and semi-precious stones. How did it happen?

Looking back, we can say that Italy got a lucky ticket in the World Marble Lottery. This country is rich in marble quarries. Italian climate allows its full production cycle: mining, processing and open storage year-round. The talent of famous Italian architects made this material iconic and very popular all over the world. For example, Carrara marble is still considered as a true legend. 

Anna Chincoli visiting Antolini showroom.jpg

Today it is a large industry with cutting-edge technologies in stone processing. Local experts know how to see the natural beauty and create real stone masterpieces enhancing its color, strengthening it, and eliminating microcracks, flaws and scratches. Italy successfully imports stone from across the globe and is considered the world leader in its export. It is a design Mecca, a destination for architects from all over the world to have the widest selection of stone products for any taste.

Antolini has notably succeeded in this sector. It owns various careers worldwide, uses the avant-garde equipment, influences current trends in interior design, and creates collaborations with famous designers and top-notch design bureaus. This is how the head of Antolini Design & Project department Laura Olivari reports on our company: “We have been working with ALTER EGO for a long time and this cooperation was very fruitful. They are our most demanding clients. For their projects, they always order not just the best of the best, but the pure perfection.  We appreciate high professionalism of our colleagues from ALTER EGO, and we know that this team of specialists will thoroughly check every inch of marble and every color pattern. For our mutual projects, we are proud to select the ideal material and create perfect textures."


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СТРАНЫ БАЛТИИ / Частное имение / 2 300 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЛАТИНСКОЙ АМЕРИКИ / Частное имение / 42 400 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЕВРОСОЮЗА / Частное имение / 102 500 кв.м

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