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Marble in the interior: fashionable trends and technologies of the XXI century from Antolini

Technologies of natural stone processing go back millennia. And remaining works of ancient craftsmen never fail to amaze. Stone was used not only for construction and decoration, it helped to express an incredibly wide range of feelings – just think about antique sculptures. However, our time requires new solutions, and modern technologies allow to do wonders with stone. And the Antolini factory has something to surprise us with.

Antolini Masterpiece.jpg

The first innovative product Antolini has been developing for 10 years is Azerocare® technology. It has received an international patent. This is a special treatment of marble, onyx and soft quartzites, able to guarantee protection against etching and staining. The porosity, inherent in natural stone, was considered one of its most significant weak points. Today it's all in the past. Antolini's Azerocare® process keeps its properties with time and requires no additional efforts in maintaining the stone surface. The only issue is that the protective effect can be disrupted in case of scratches, but the Antolini laboratory is already working on creating a strong prevention of such damage. Therefore, soon nothing will disturb the beauty of the stone and convenience of its use in the interior. The factory also has a revolutionary Azerobact®plus treatment for antibacterial protection, irreplaceable especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Launched AVP® vacuum technology significantly strengthens the structure of even the most fragile stones.  

Azerocare protactive treatment by Antolini.JPG

Experimentation with light is a global trend in interior design. Following this trend, the Antolini factory has released the Allight collection, making the thinnest slabs of ordinary marble or granite translucent. In this new capacity, they can be used for luminous wall panels, where natural stone is revealed in a new way, acquiring special beauty. “In the Allight collection, we managed to improve the natural grandeur of stones,” comments Laura Olivari, Head of Design & Project Department. “Thanks to this technology, we reduce the thickness of the slab without altering its aesthetics and durability. Therefore, Antolini got a new material that becoming illuminated transforms. This provides powerful tools for architects, designers and artists to fulfil their ideas." 

Antolini Patagonia Original.jpg

Another extraordinary collection by Antolini is called Perception. It is designed to bring the two-dimensional beauty of the stone into the third illusory plane. This is obtained due to the raster optical effect when alternating stripes of different stone types, that visually enhances the perspective. Depending on view angle the wall panels made in this way create a feeling of motion, a smooth transition from one stone to another. This technique gives a great flight of imagination, cause in one such dynamic panel any kind of stone can be combined.

 Antolini Perception Collection_.jpg

ALTER EGO follows with interest all the most avant-garde ideas and is one of the first to offer them to its Customers. Unique finds, cutting-edge innovations, top-notch developments are constantly implemented in our projects. 


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