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We’re extremely excited to announce that ALTER EGO Project Group have scooped three Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2022. This is the second year in a row that we’ve won top spots in the prestigious awards programme.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation.

After a thorough research process, ALTER EGO Project Group has been distinguished as one of the best in the design industry, becoming a Multiple Award Winner in the following categories: Yacht Interior Design, Villa Interior Design and Hotel Architecture.


Our project of a Yacht Shadow Blade has received a prize in the Best Luxury Yacht Interior Design category. It was designed to resemble a spaceship – a yacht born for the future. The exterior of the boat, with its striking fluid forms, inspired the innovative interior design which is minimalistic and futuristic. 


A key aspect of this creation was to transform space. Unlike other lavish yachts, Yacht Shadow Blade offers freedom, mobility, comfort, and functionality and, above all, preservation of nature and minimization of environmental impact.


 The project symbolizes changes and appeals to new generations of ambitious people who crave a breakthrough design and appreciate modern aesthetics.



We have also won Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Best Luxury Villa Interior Design category for Villa Pinède in France.


This grand-scale family residence is intended to become a legacy for future generations. One of the customer’s requirements was making use of rare and exclusive natural materials – woods and stone were sourced sustainably.


Our design team has focused on originality, comfort, and practicality in an avant-garde manner. The center of the villa is the mesmerizing lounge area and the spacious hallway with 6-meter-high ceilings.


 The main house is connected to a SPA complex and the guest house by an underground gallery, all of which are surrounded by an extensive garden.



The third project being awarded in the category Best Luxury Hotel Architecture is the Marquee hotel in Saudi Arabia.


A retreat that feels as though it is situated somewhere between the past and the future, the ultra-modern seven-star boutique hotel is a truly luxurious oasis. The concept of the architecture was based on the marquee pavilion used by Oriental nomads since ancient times. The distinctive character of the architectural plan lies in the juxtaposition of the unusual mountainous landscape resembling a snapshot from Mars and the pavilions whose circular geometry makes them look like a science-fiction settlement.


7777 (1).jpg

The spherical shape also serves functional purposes, including protecting guests from the harsh sun. The interior décor is modern and echoes the architecture, with minimal straight lines. The essence of the hotel is the absence of visual noise throughout.


It’s an incredible honour to have won three prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards this year – a true testament to our hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellent design service. At ALTER EGO Project Group, we really pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and these awards, following on from last year’s win, are yet another way of proving that.

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СТРАНЫ БАЛТИИ / Частное имение / 2 300 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЛАТИНСКОЙ АМЕРИКИ / Частное имение / 42 400 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЕВРОСОЮЗА / Частное имение / 102 500 кв.м

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