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ALTER EGO recommends: interior design trends 2022

For all design lovers and those who follow interior trends with enthusiasm, this September has become a significant month. After a considerable break, the long-awaited ISALONI took place in Milan. MILAN DESIGN WEEK (FUORI SALONE) remains the most spectacular part of this exhibition where the latest interior design trends of 2022 were premiered. Here are the top 5 important trends we spotted.

1. Comfort

In recent years, the whole world has challenged a global problem - pandemic, and isolation. In this context, the home has become as important as never before. It is the place we want to feel completely safe, at the utmost comfort. Thought-out space, high-quality furniture made of natural materials, personalized interior design – it has always been appreciated, but right now it has become the sine qua non and the main trend.

interior design trends 2022

The main idea of the new Gianfranco Ferré Home collection is Warm Living. Cosy space of a house or apartment, family traditions to gather together, warm colours, smooth shapes. The base of the sofa and tables is made of metal. The design retains the well-balanced style of "urban furniture". The hymn of the new collection is comfort.

2022 interior design trends

The flagship Visionnaire showroom in Milan displayed the new collection of outdoor furniture called CAPRICE. It was designed by Mariana Radovic and Marco Bonelli from m2atelier.

new trends in interior design 2022

new trends in interior design 2021

 According to their concept, the open spaces - gardens, and terraces – play the leading part at the house, stabilizing one’s mental condition. When working on the collection, special attention was paid to natural materials and comfort - deep sofas, comfy cushions.

2. Sustainability (eco-friendly design and recycling)

When we started active traveling, there was almost not a single unexplored place on the globe left, and our planet seemed not so big. Handling it with care is a global challenge to humanity and the main task for the nearest future. Therefore, the key interior design trends in 2022 are environmental care, resulting in the desire to minimize the harmful impact on natural resources, and recycling. Thanks to designers, products made from recycled materials (plastic, metal, glass, textiles) have received a second life and become fashion trends. And buying them makes you feel like a responsible consumer and helps to save the planet.

The Italian brand JCP presented an experimental collection “Other Planets”. It reminds us about how the Universe and planets were born, about the beauty and mystery of alien geology. The collection includes not just furniture, but art objects. With their help designers show how the environment affects our thoughts and emotions, and the world of objects surrounding us consists of materials that the Universe gives.

the latest trends in interior design 2022

The B&B factory in the D Studio Milano showroom in Via Durini showcased one of its striking novelties - the iconic Gaetano Pesce UP5 chair, made from recycled bottle corks. Thus, raising the hot topic of the use of recycled materials.

key trends in interior design 2022

A new collection of outdoor furniture for JANUS et CIE was designed by Philippe Starck. It is called Serengeti and is inspired by African scenic outdoors. 

modern trends in interior design 2022

Stark particularly cares about the environment and is not a fan of plastic outdoor furniture, considering it uncomfortable and non-durable. Therefore, he created a collection made of teak - out of fashion and time. It consists of several pieces of furniture with deep comfortable armchairs and sofas, with thought-out sun protection.

3. Stone - currently important material of 2022.

Solid, durable, natural, beautiful – these qualities inspire confidence and calm, so typical to the stone. No wonder the stone plays one of the main roles in interior design trends 2022. Tops for dining and coffee tables, fronts of chests of drawers and kitchens, floor and wall covering - almost every high-level Italian factory use a stone texture. The choice of rock depends on the interior style, but most often designers use travertine as a very tactile and visually warm, and soft material.

main trends in interior design 2022

current trends in interior design 2022

An expert in natural stonework, the Antolini factory opened a new showroom STONEROOM, the interior of which was designed by famous Alessandro La Spada. The conceptual space features all the possibilities of creative stonework: marble, onyx, quartzite, and semi-precious stones, as well as modern interior design trends. Antolini's exclusive novelty is a wall panel made of two types of stone with an open book layout. The panel facade changes depending on the angle of view.

current solutions in interior design 2022

Henge set out a new direction in lighting design by inviting jewelry designer Ugo Cacciati for collaboration. He created a new brutal and laconic Test lamp in two finishes - polished white onyx and warm textured travertine. Despite the same shape, both lamps are perceived as completely different objects because of the material.

fashion trends in interior design 2022

4. Warm and natural textures

We have already talked about stone, but the trend for cosy interiors extends to other materials as well. Wood with its natural texture and honey shades is a symbol of a cosy interior. In 2022 it is combined with stone and metal. If a designer uses textile, then it will certainly be boucle, soft velour, or textured fabric. Leather finishes in furniture are particularly soft, pleasant to touch, and perfectly manufactured.

Etro is a well-known fashion brand. Its interior line also keeps the ability to update collections remaining faithful to its style. In 2021 they presented The Intimate Living Collection. It features the fusion of East and Africa. But the colour range has become more delicate: shades of beige, champagne, white and grey. The texture of upholstery is soft, velvet fabrics are combined with decorative elements made of leather and light brass. The general feeling of the collection is the realm of luxury and comfort.

fashionable solutions in interior design 2022

The EXTETA factory opened a flagship store in the very center of Milan, in via Turati. This year it featured a collection designed by Paola Navone in collaboration with the renowned brand LORO PIANA. The updated collection is based on a combination of unusual shapes and distinctive colours of premium fabrics.

new solutions in interior design 2022

LONGHI novelties were presented in the showroom adjoining the production premises.

The Rhythm collection by avant-garde architect and creative designer Ben Wu is distinguished by smooth, rounded shapes, practical constructive solutions, warm colour palette combined with different textures of fabric, stone, and metal.


5. Colour 2022: fashion trends in the colour palette and in interior design.

The colour palette is something designers easily and passionately play around with, every year defining their favourites in the world of shades. Our top list includes shades of mint, champagne, and beige, as well as green and purple. No wonder almost all manufacturers used the green shades. A bright, peaceful, and optimistic colour is what we all need now. This trend has declared itself in furniture design, interior décor, the choice of green stones for tabletops, and, finally, in the number of green plants on exhibition stands. But the renaissance of purple colour surprised us a lot. The colour range from light lavender to deep blueberry is very relevant again.

The transformation of Roberto Cavalli brand manifested itself in the Wild Living collection: the glamorous corporate identity is getting closer to nature, to the origins. This was largely due to the colour palette: warm earth tones and bright African motifs in the new Tigresse pattern, used in upholstery and decor.

new directions in interior design 2022

At the Baxter stand one could see several main interior design trends at once. The general trend towards cosy rounded shapes was mixed with bold colour combinations - blueberry, lavender, orange. A lot of textured travertine was used in the tabletop finishes. Photo: Barret armchair (Draga & Aurel design), Milano bed (Paola Navone design), Clara sofa (Christophe Delcourt design), Mikado bookcase (Federico Peri design).

modern solutions in interior design 2022

This year, the new Versace furniture collection was designed by Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini. Like all Versace creations, it turned out to be very colourful, with recognizable decor and patterns. But at the same time, interior objects feature a modern, clear, and straightforward style. Furniture details remind of the brand's fashion history - golden zippers on chairs and armchair and thin legs of cupboard and chests of drawers.

latest trends in interior design 2022

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