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The judges have voted: Winners of the 2022 Outstanding Property Award London are announced. The OPAL Jury has selected our project of the Marquee hotel as a Winner in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Hotels Boutique category.

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The Outstanding Property Award London™ was created to recognise the efforts of talented international Property developers, Architects and Interior Designers who aim to improve daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out properties and projects, to reward their strategic thinking, and imagination which goes into making a great property.

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This year the prestigious OPAL jury panel, comprised of over 30 top industry professionals, has made the selection of more than 600 creative contributions from over 50 countries around the world, giving special consideration to the projects honoring sustainability or offering innovative solutions to the protection of the environment. And ALTER EGO is very proud to have been named as one of the WINNERS.
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Our project of the ultra-modern boutique MARQUEE hotel is an embodiment of a true oasis. Here privacy go together with comfortable relaxation, poetic images are embellished by innovative technologies, and state-of-art architecture addresses the challenging climatic conditions.
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The architectural basis of the concept is the marquee pavilion used by Oriental nomads since time immemorial. In present-day interpretation, its shape has become minimalistic and dynamic. When designing the buildings, the architects took into consideration the sun’s motion path to create adequate shade along the length of each building without limiting the arc of vision from within and thus affording impressive views from the windows.
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Lighting plays a big role in this unique project, and both interior and landscape lighting systems are designed to remain unseen by customers’ eyes. Split-level soft lights became an integral part of design and architectural solutions.
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Sustainability is at the core of this project. The hotel is powered by an off-grip solar station and equipped with cutting-edge technologies to achieve net-zero emissions and minimal energy consumption.

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СТРАНЫ БАЛТИИ / Частное имение / 2 300 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЛАТИНСКОЙ АМЕРИКИ / Частное имение / 42 400 кв.м

СТРАНЫ ЕВРОСОЮЗА / Частное имение / 102 500 кв.м

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