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Implementation, RUSSIA
Fitting out, ITALY

Time is precious – and it takes long to build a dream house. To save your time and energy, ALTER EGO offers a full project management service. With effective resource, budget and risk planning, teamwork and communication, we organize every process for complete quality control.

As a Client, you can choose only to have contact with the project manager when it suits you. But our full team is at your disposal, from senior management to expert architects, designers, decorators and more. Our team takes care of everything: design; document approval; contractor selection; tendering; regular reporting; running the work schedule; as well as technical, financial and organizational control. Solving seemingly ‘impossible’ tasks has become an ALTER EGO specialty. We’re fully responsible for all work performed, leaving Clients only the most enjoyable matters to attend to, such as expressing their aesthetic preferences.

alter ego project group
Responsible for all stages and processes of the project implementation, overseeing the work of each specialist.
Getting to know the Customer and their overall aims and objectives. Preparing the technical task based on in-depth discussion. Carrying out a full analysis of the current situation, including the study of the original permits. Determining the scope of work after specialist site visits.
Signing the agreement for architectural and design project. Signing the agreement for integrated project management.
This covers a wide range of services, including:
- Controlling the schedules for design, construction, installation and finishing works and the schedule for project fitting out.
- Administration of contracts (planning, management, closing).
- Carrying out technical supervision over the quality and timing of all types of work.
- Supply management for project implementation.
- Managing project finances, including the provision of weekly financial statements.
- Document management and archiving.
- Weekly site implementation reporting.
- Coordination and monitoring of all processes and project participants, including the Customer, their representatives, all sub-contractors etc.
- Quality control of orders at manufacturing factories and compliance with delivery times.
Developing the entire package of project documents required for implementing the task. This includes an architectural project, an engineering and structural project and a design project. Forming of specifications for all construction and finishing materials, including external and internal finishing, as well as the selection and preparation of specifications for equipment and interior items.
Drawing up a schedule of construction, installation and finishing works and a schedule for fitting out on the basis of project documentation. Calculation of a preliminary budget and preparation of specifications with prices for finishing materials, furniture and decor, lighting, sanitary fitments and accessories, household appliances and special equipment. Signing the corresponding supply agreement for all finishing materials and interior items.
Example of a work schedule
Selection of workforce for each phase of the project from existing company resources or through a tender procedure among verified partner companies. Preparing estimate documents for all types of work.
Construction and installation works, finishing works, as well as installation of engineering equipment. Conducting architectural supervision throughout in order to quickly resolve any issues and monitor compliance with project documentation, as well as meeting quality requirements and deadlines.
Supply of materials for construction and finishing works and sanitary equipment. Supply of furniture (including custom-made items), as well as lighting equipment, sanitary accessories, household appliances and engineering equipment, decor and textiles. Their installation and assembly at the site.
Preparing the site for handover, cleaning. Transfer of execution layouts, certificates, warranties and operating instructions. Final financial documents and reports. Handover of the completed site to the Customer. Carrying out warranty service.
years’ experience implementing projects in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa
departments work on each project
24-hour, round-the-clock project implementation

Creates a concept for a future project and supervises the implementation of the design work.

Solves issues arising in the process of developing documentation.

The chief architect is responsible for design and architectural planning decisions.

In the process of implementation, he or she ensures compliance of the raised structures with the design documentation.

Organizes the development of design and estimate documentation.

Provides technical management of design and survey work throughout the entire duration from design and construction to the site commissioning.

Draws up work and delivery schedules.

Monitors the progress of work at all stages.

Leads document flows and financial reporting.

Coordinates the supply of finishing materials, furniture and equipment according to the approved schedule.

Generates weekly reports on the implementation of the project.

Manages financial flows and risks.

Performs financial planning and reporting.

Supervises the management of all financial aspects.

Develops all the necessary working documentation for construction and installation works.

Carries out architectural supervision at the construction site.

Creates the style and design of the site.

Engaged in the selection and approval with the Client of all finishing materials and interior items.

Develops working documentation for construction, installation and finishing works.

Conducts architectural supervision.

Organizes work with suppliers from Europe, Great Britain and the USA.

Coordinates supplies and controls logistics of materials, furniture and equipment, in line with the approved procurement schedule.

Controls the quality of work performed by contractors.

Works with project documentation, maintains as-built documentation, draws up permits and acceptance documents for the Client.

Organizes work and controls the progress, quality and timing of construction, installation and finishing works at the site, as well as their compliance with standards and rules.

Also controls the quality of building materials specified for the project.

Prepares financial and estimate documentation.

Corrects and clarifies financial calculations when changing the scope of work or prices for materials.

Checks the accuracy of contractors’ quotes.

Maintains document records.

Develops measures to optimize the cost of construction and finishing works.

Creates photorealistic 3D-visualizations of interiors demonstrating real-life materials, furniture and equipment.


Real estate consulting – from creating large-scale developments to sourcing historical villas.

  • The most desirable areas of Italy, France, Great Britain, Switzerland
  • Exclusive real estate access without the need for middle-men
  • Expert analysis of preferred options
  • Investment and profitability forecast
  • Architecture solutions or reconstruction proposal
  • Comprehensive information on the future acquisition
  • 100% confidentiality, reliability and trust
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For 20 years ALTER EGO Project Group have been creating bespoke architectural projects of private villas and mansions, family residences and estates, office buildings, as well as townhouses, country estates and boutique hotels.

Each project is one of a kind - entering the chronicle of contemporary private architecture to become a true source of pride for the owners and form part of the national heritage.

  • Prompt understanding of the Customer’s ideas. 95 % of Customer’s preferences are met from the first round of design drawings.
  • Completion of all work stages on time, due to comprehensive approach and inventive method of project management
  • Long-term experience in managing and implementing large exclusive architectural projects worldwide (construction area from 5000 m2, land area from 2 ha)
  • International team expertise in solving most complex technical issues.
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A good interior is always a consequence of high-quality architecture. Such seemingly ephemeral concepts as proportion and geometry, volume and air, perspective and light, become its solid foundation.

  • A better vision of what is beautiful allows us to create for our Clients truly unique living spaces, transmitting a clear message about the owner’s preferences and tastes.
  • A thorough elaboration of every single detail.
  • Accurate selection of finishing materials. Mastering the latest interior design trends and cutting-edge developments.
  • Long-term experience of working with the world's leading manufacturers.
  • ALTER EGO strong architectural grounding provides wise layouts, balanced composition, meticulous work with textures and colours.
  • A deep understanding of historical styles, modern trends and technologies expand the creative palette to near-infinity.
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The most important component of any construction is engineering systems design. It undertakes for safety, functionality during house operation and comfortable living environments - from basic heat-light-water to the most sophisticated security systems and smart home systems.

  • Creation of vital systems, indispensable for construction or reconstruction, is a primary task on the path towards project implementation.
  • Quantification of engineering designs in accordance with Customer’s needs and desires, including a basic set that provides minimum comfort.
  • Design of all systems in conjunction with the interior design project.
  • Every project is carried out in full compliance with existing construction standards.
  • Finding optimal solution for equipment fitting saves the Customer considerable funds while maintaining his requirements for the quality of life.
  • Completed designs become guidelines for laying the service lines and installing equipment.
  • ALTER EGO Project Group initiate the elaboration of a comprehensive set of design and estimate documentation, and supervise the process.
  • Technical specialists in cooperation with architects and designers carry out engineering design.
  • The set of documents is handed over completely prepared for agreement with all authorities.

The ALTER EGO construction team are the physical backbone of the company. Everything is made real by the hands of our multidisciplinary experts - from complex construction ideas to exquisite façade decor.

  • The work is carried out by a professional team experienced in the real estate construction of various complexity in different countries of the world, taking into account the particular local character and specific restrictions.
  • State-of-the-art technologies and materials are used in the construction.
  • An individual approach to the project allows us to propose best solutions to the Customer.
  • An indispensable requirement for construction is strict architectural and technical supervision carried out by our subject-matter experts.
  • At the head of each construction team is a technical service manager responsible for the performance of works, their quality and compliance with deadlines.
  • The construction process is accompanied by meticulous records management: certificates for materials and equipment are requested, permits and accesses for certain works and certificates for executed and inside works are issued, all official correspondence is recorded and organized.
  • A high organization of construction work on site is ensured: the headquarters with comfortable meeting room is deployed, cleanliness and rigorous discipline are maintained - from the presence of badges on the employees to strict observance of safety regulations.
  • Rapid solution to complex tasks, adherence to the schedule of work, in non-standard situations quick and flexible adjustment of the timing of certain types of work with the acceleration of their execution.
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Engineering systems should work as a single organism, ensuring the safe operation of the building. To achieve it, a detailed project elaboration, accurate calculation, and high-quality installation and set-up performed by qualified specialists are required. As a rule, engineering systems are hidden, and any defect in them can entail extensive reconstruction or repairs in the future. Therefore, it is better to entrust the control of entire process, from the technical task receipt to final elements assembly, to experts from one company. ALTER EGO Project Group provides technical management of a full range of engineering works throughout the construction period till project commissioning.

  • Providing strict control over the quality of installation works.
  • Meticulous inspection of the completed project.
  • Collection and verification of executive documentation is an important stage of work completion.

At the finishing works stage, a solid basis for the future interior is created and design idea becomes a reality.

While carrying out finishing works, it is important to prepare the surfaces of the premises with high quality and in compliance with technological requirements and standards. The result of the finishing stage of works fully demonstrates the professionalism and talent of craftsmen, who often have to deal with difficult tasks and rare, precious materials.

  • Strictly professional and qualified team of highly specialized craftsmen for all types of finishing works.
  • Extensive experience in working with various materials, including exclusive ones.
  • Monitoring novelties in the decoration sphere and applying the cutting-edge technologies.
  • Close architectural and technical supervision ensures the quality control of works and their exact compliance with the approved design project.
  • Meeting deadlines at every stage prevent delays and adheres to the time schedule.
  • The team work with maximum dedication to achieve a result that meets high requirements and brings complete satisfaction.
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Fitting out – is a flagship service for which we are globally renowned. We work with leading manufacturers of the Old and New World- the best makers of luxury furniture, lightning, décor and finishings.

  • Sourcing of exclusive furniture and rare finishing materials.
  • Guarantee of the best discount from supplier manufacturers, even on a small order.
  • Logistics services: delivering supplies on time and on the most favourable terms.
  • 20 years’ experience. Headquarters in Milan audits the work of Italian manufacturers and supervises each delivery.
  • 100% confidence in the original production of finishing materials, furniture, light and accessories.
  • Compliance with the highest quality standards. ALTER EGO project managers carry out strict monitoring of all key production stages, as a result Clients receive detailed photo reports.
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ALTER EGO Project Group organizes and controls the delivery of interior items and finishing materials to the site. Specialized experts get involved in dealing with large, valuable and fragile items requiring delicate handling. Our own assembly crew are familiar with all the nuances of this process, as well as with characteristics of various products from most manufacturers. This allows them to do their job as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • Timely delivery and the most accurate performance of load handling and lifting work.
  • Continuing professional development of our assembly crew
  • For the prompt solution of numerous work issues arising during the installation process, designers and technical supervision specialists are constantly on site.
  • Competent and experienced light installers handle the most complex and large-scale lighting structures.
  • In case of emergencies, quickly rectifying the problems and timely replacing the defective items.
  • At this final stage of the project implementation, works can be carried out around the clock.
  • ALTER EGO Project Group technical specialists carefully control every stage of assembly and installation.
  • Within the framework of site supervision, the designers of the company monitor the works and solve numerous issues to make the interior take the desired and completed shape as soon as possible.
  • ALTER EGO team’s target is the best result, that the Customer can be proud of.

Landscape design is an art that requires deep knowledge in engineering and architecture, botany and plant science, art criticism and history. Its goal is to create a unique spatial solution, a harmonious and comfortable environment that makes a single whole with the architectural volumes of buildings, to integrate complex engineering systems.

  • Developing the concept of site infrastructure and landscape design. Organizing and carrying out all the necessary works.
  • Landscaping includes construction works: arrangement of driveways and walking paths, construction of small architectural forms. Professionals with relevant qualification and expertise are engaged in these works.
  • Frequently, embodying the landscape designer’s vision requires a large cluster of engineering works to install a drain system, connect automatic irrigation, build fountains, and implement a site illumination project.
  • Specialists’ supervision over a course of work performance allows us to solve numerous technical and creative issues as quickly as possible.
  • During many years of work, a great experience in the implementation of landscapes in various styles and of different complexity levels has been acquired.

The final point and moment of truth of the project implementation is commissioning. It contains a series of activities at the final stage of construction providing an opportunity to get the freehold title of the property and to conduct the necessary legal operations.

The complex procedures associated with this important stage are undertaken by the specialists of ALTER EGO Project Group. They also document the construction results, organize the formal project handover to the Customer, create a complete archive of design and executive documentation, including commercial and contract documents.

  • Inspecting the completed project compliance with a number of legal and standard requirements, survey results, design documentation and technical regulations.
  • Due to the efficient work at the previous stages, all the necessary documents for project commissioning are quickly prepared.
  • Representing the interests of the Client, ALTER EGO Project Group team proactively address issues at the stages of obtaining a construction permit, organizes all the necessary measures for the real estate object to be taken into operation.

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