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Wonders of the world: a story about the most extraordinary art objects by iDOGI®, known all over the world

iDOGI® is a famous Venetian manufactory whose artisans cherish the centuries-old traditions of handicraft production. Here, the works of superb artistry are created from crystal and blown Murano glass. The portfolio of the factory includes the largest chandelier in the world, crystal furniture, and luminous accessories.

iDOGI Table collections Masterpieces.jpg

One of the latest novels by iDOGI® are luminous walls (illuminated crystal and glass structures). These innovative products are results of the constant research and testing new forms of lighting. In fact, these are new concepts of light scenarios, that like a crystal chandelier solve both functional and decorative tasks, and at the same time transform the space. Crystal walls "Minerva" and "Parthenon" are created as a construction set so may be of any size and configuration. The door portal “Arc de Triomphe” with its solemn look recalls the majestic Arc it is named after.

iDOGI Arc deTriomphe Door Frame.jpg

Interior critics often refer to iDOGI® as the ambassador of Italian craftsmanship around the world. The extraordinary works of art created by the company defy the imagination and make Customers from different continents swoon with delight. Each item is fully customized according to the Client’s desires, and requires a lot of dedication, energy, knowledge and skill.

iDOGI Venice Masterpiece.jpg

It’s been a while since the designers of iDOGI® workshop had an idea of creating luminous architectural elements. In 2018, after two years of developments, company became the first and only one in the world to produce crystal balusters with built-in illumination. Soon there was a chance to demonstrate them in all their glory. An incredible staircase with 500 such balusters was made for the wedding of an Indian tycoon’s daughter. It caused a sensation and became famous all over the world through the event photos and videos. The chiseled silhouettes of balusters and spectacular illumination have transformed a space of the gala hall, created a festive atmosphere, emphasized the magic and solemnity of the ceremony. The iDOGI® showroom features this balustrade and visitors can personally appreciate the craftsmanship of each baluster.

iDOGI Legendary illuminated balusters.jpg

Many Milan exhibition visitors remember the fabulous luminous table “Seven” - the hallmark of iDOGI®. It reflects the magnitude of the concept, extraordinary approach to design and the declaration of love for artisanal techniques. In its image a palatial splendor and warm "lamp" hospitality are delicately balanced. Tempered crystal oval top is seven meters long. Metal structure with chrome finishing is decorated with 1600 Murano glass elements.

iDOGI Table Seven Masterpieces.jpg

Another amazing work of the company is «Primavera». This is not just a Murano glass chandelier. It is made in the Rezzonico style, named after the famous noble Venetian family who commissioned the first notable chandelier decorated with flowers and leaves from multi-colored blown glass. Now iDOGI® showroom is featuring 4 meters high chandelier, but this is not the limit. For one of its projects, the company has created the largest Murano glass chandelier in history 15 meters high.

Working with iDOGI® is a professional pleasure. Behind every one of our mutual projects, there are creative experiments with light and style as well as a lot of coordination work. Moreover, the more ambitious the idea is, the more nuances should be considered. Our Milan office keeps fingers on the pulse and regularly audits every order. In our difficult times, such control becomes a guarantee of meeting deadlines and maintaining high quality.


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СТРАНЫ БАЛТИИ / Частное имение / 2 300 кв.м

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