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‘In the midday heat, wrap yourself in shadow, and at night do not fear the naked heavens.’ Africa is the cradle of humanity, where under the outer signs of modern civilization the ancient original culture and powerful instincts pulsate. It was in Nigeria that ALTER EGO Project Group felt like a pioneer, having created a luxury architecture and design bureau in the capital of the country, Abuja.

Our African office is a one-of-a-kind luxury space, home to interior design trends and the most opulent Italian brands. It services customers both in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, and elsewhere throughout the continent.

We supervise the development of architectural solutions and the creation of exclusive interiors for private houses, yachts, aircraft and commercial facilities. First-class operational standards allow us to create world-class projects and provide perfect service. In the design of the ALTER EGO office, we tried to reflect our corporate style, where chic Italian luxury envelops, bringing comfort and a feeling of la dolce vita.

Working routine

Working routine

Few companies in the African continent provide services at this impeccable level. ALTER EGO Project Group specializes in turnkey projects, and, confirming its status as an international bureau, introduces its African clients the best Italian brands, arranging visits to showrooms and workshops. And, of course, we create interiors of the highest standard, where the character and personality of the owner, their preferences and tastes are revealed in the design language.

Hosting delegations Implementation

Office life

In Nigeria, the ALTER EGO architecture and design bureau follows its "signature" standards of office work and combines everyday business life with bright festive events. This enhances the corporate spirit and provides pleasant occasions for informal meetings with clients. An intense program includes blowout parties, educational thematic exhibitions, and master classes by Italian manufacturers. Going beyond the office walls, the ALTER EGO Project Group team takes an active part in the city’s and country’s public life.

Office opening in Abuja Nigeria Meeting prince of Zaria in Kaduna Nigeria Polo Tournaments in Lagos and Kaduna Nigeria
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